Extra Curriculum classes 課後活動班

奧斯汀中文學校 (2021-2022年只開放太極課)

Austin Chinese School (year of 2021-2022 only offer Taiji class)

Austin Chinese School Org. is a state registered non-profit corporation organized to provide opportunities for children and adults in the community to learn Chinese language and culture.

During and after the classes, we offer extra curriculum classes as hobbies, and fun learning experience related to Chinese culture. The cost is very affordable for the whole semester. Details as following:

Extra Curriculum (Informal classes)

*Adult Tai Chi Classes 成人太極班 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Tai Chi 太極

*Children Kong-Fu classes 兒童功夫班 3:40pm - 4:40pm (

Children Martial Arts 中國功夫

Chinese Yo Yo 扯鈴 (Yo Yo not included)

Chinese knotting Craft & knotting 中國結 (成人兒童皆可,學費含材料 material included)

Chinese Dance 中國舞蹈班

English Italic/Chancery Calligraphy 墨筆班

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