Teacher introduction- Adult class-intermediate

Adult-intermediate class 成人中級班: 李秀蕙 老師
Adult intermediate class: Ms. Celine Rydbergtextbook: Integrated Chinese Level 1 part 2李老師是一位專業中英翻譯及口譯人才,合作過的媒體如 HBO,National Geographic,Discovery, Netflix還有一些影展,歡迎有中文基礎的成人來參加中級會話班;開課時間為九月九日,下午一點三十分到三點三十分. Our teacher, Ms. Rydberg, is a professional translator and interpreter. You may see her work on HBO, National Geographic, Discovery, Netflix and some other movies. Anyone who wants to master his/her Mandarin is welcome to enroll to this intermediate class. The class will start on 9/9/18 from 1:30 to 3:30 on Sundays.